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What Am I Here For?

A question many of us may ask, but not many answer.

Why? Is it not one of the most important questions that can give us purpose and meaning? What else is there if not this directive feeling that gives us human beings, every day, motivation and energy?

Why? Because this question is hard to grip onto in this very changeable and confusing time. The quiet knowing inside us, the sense of 'being' as described by elders, this feeling of connectedness to the world around us, is often buried under huge amounts of noise, trauma, mind clutter, distractions created by stressful living and a false idea that just achieving personal success is indeed what we are here for. And whilst, yes, it is perfectly understandable and valid to want to have material success, the WAY you can achieve this, is how to start answering this question that can completely change your life's experience and focus. What are you here for? Anyone can earn money doing anything; and its how you do this that makes the difference. You can make money at the same time as creating a better world, and this, in my opinion, is an exciting way to approach earning a living.

Choosing to come from the place of 'who you are' and love / care, when you are starting up or working on a business means you can start to gather up the good feelings of belonging not only to your own staff members, but also to the community you are supporting, working as a team with a common cause and creating a huge sense of self worth as you honour your 'who you are' in a kind and humble way by LIVING this experience we call life. And the benefits that come from these actions massively change the world around you for others, very significantly.

The EDM Academy has been working with a start up company, Mpowa Ltd, for nearly three years now because the CEO, Ryan Lavelle, has found the answer to his question 'What Am I Here For' and is smashing it. Although facing huge personal and financial challenges, he has kept going for all this time focussing on the knowledge that setting up this company and standing up for what he knows is the right thing for him to do in this time, right now. Whether he is right or wrong becomes irrelevant. What is important is that his self belief has led him to create Mpowa Heroes Academy, a community Interest company ( CIC ) that has exactly the same ideals and vision that the EDM Academy has itself.

We both know that by working with incredibly vulnerable people and empowering them with self awareness, practical skills and entrepreneurial training, the world can become a better place because of these passionate and strong people. Focussing on helping women in Africa who are in abusive situations, by providing training and support in becoming self sufficient and independent, is one of the key projects ad means that the social problem of gender based violence is being faced and addressed in the strongest way possible.

Part of the Mpowas Heroes Academy, The EDM Academy teaching allows all the students to understand that their most important asset is themselves, and once really absorbed, this can drive them forward to begin to find their 'What Am I Here For' connection. The Mpowa Heroes Academy can then look at all the other wrap around needs to set up whatever project or business the student sees as fit, and off it goes. Truly person centred development, and social / economics at its best.

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