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Professional healers and therapists are welcome to join the ever growing group of people who are using this model to enhance the services they can offer their customers.

There are opportunities to become an EDM Respected Professional or an EDM Power Tower Practitioner and to use the EDM in your work.

Training is online and face to face sessions are included in the package and you will be able to join our team of collaborative working and support :) 

EDM Power Tower PRO includes:

  • Online training for professionals including 1 : 1 work looking at how to use the Tower in your toolkit

  • Own personal EDM Power Tower

  • Permission to use the EDM Power Tower in your business

  • Weekly tutorials to help apply this methodology in your business

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Introducing the lastest EDM Power Tower Practitioner:

Clare Hopkins is a Wellbeing Coach and Consultant who provides one to one coaching for individuals who are going through a lifestyle change and feel they've lost their sense of self and therefore direction in life.  Helping individuals to rediscover who they are, get focused on what's really important to them and then empowering them as they take action to create a more fulfilling lifestyle that increases their wellbeing.  Clare also works with small to medium sized business owners to provide wellbeing solutions such as: creating/evaluating their wellbeing strategy, delivering wellbeing and leadership training and providing employee wellbeing coaching.  All of which helps businesses to create psychologically safe workplace environments and lays the foundation for continued growth. 

As a fully trained NLP Coach with over 12 years experience in HR focused mainly on organisational change and development, Clare has also trained in Mental Health First Aid, is a wellbeing practitioner and a Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis Practitioner.  Plus, I'm pleased to say she is also now an EDM Practitioner and includes the principles of EDM and the use of the Power Tower in her coaching programme and wellbeing training courses.


For more information and to arrange a call, click here:


Other EDM Practitioners:

Oona Fergusson: Author of 'The Brillance Of Your Feelings'. For website click here

Eve Lorgen: Author, Researcher and Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. For website click here

John Foster: Karate club owner and 3rd Dan Black belt. For website click here

Evie Jacob: Hoola Hoop Practitioner, creative clothes maker and crochet wizard! For website click here

Jacqueline Hayley: Clinical Hypnotherapist. For website click here

MIND (organisation) Llanelli

Brynhawel Rehab Centre Pontyclun. For website click here 

Partnership for Progress ( organisation) Newport. For website click here

Lisa Davies Innovator For details click here

Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

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