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Interviews / Talks

Talking to Jermaine Lawlor in 2023 about young people, being in prison, gangs and society today and how the EDM can help improve things. A MUST WATCH.

Talk at Braziers Park

March 2020

Looking at the 'Stick Self' and EDM Power Towers.

Exploring how we are alchemic human beings if we can keep away from the Mind dynamic. 

Sarah Westall

Jan 2018

'Why Abusers Need Innocent Energy'

 A good look at how and what can we do to reduce abuse and improve society.

Keith Blanchard

Nov 2017

'Creating opportunities today'

Introductory talk with Keith

Karleen Love

Jan 2019

'Taking a look at energy and the Power Tower'

Deep look at how we energetically work


April 2020                                                   

Janet and Beyond - conversation about consciousness post 2020

Neal Kruse (1) 

20 01 2018

Neal Kruse (2)


02 02 2018

Neal Kruse (3)

10 02 2018


15 02 2018


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