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The EDM Towers make an absolutely massive impact on how people experience their lives.


Why? Because they literally show people how to see the relationship they have with their 'who you are', mind, feelings, emotions, imagination and the world around them.

Everything suddenly makes sense!


Once understood, the Towers can then give a focus, a discipline and a way to work out what is actually going on within and around you, on a daily basis. This reduces feelings of confusion, being out of control and cut off from yourself and others. Instead, new ways of experiencing the world will become apparent and the world will become a better place. You will discover how to create meaning and purpose, put passion back into your life, and will remember what it feels like to be really human :) 

Without having to 'look outside' for constant validation, approval or direction.....

You will be FREE to start to discover what you are actually here for...

There are three different EDM Towers, all representing different stages of development. Heres a video that explains what we can do with them.

Take a look at the video here to see how it works.


Heres some details about the I Can Tower.

Click on the pictures and see what it represents....


Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

logo of the Academy
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