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Come and understand how we work as people and what to do in these times to remain strong. Book a place at a venue near you or just arrange for the Show to come to your work or organisation.

The EDM Academy has held talks for many years and we are very happy to give talks or demos to you or your organisation in 2024.

Please contact us for more details.

Live speaking events so far:

Swansea Social Services. 29/ 05 / 19

'I can see how people are feeling this.  Can we train some staff?'

Probation Llanelli 18/ 06/ 19

'We are looking for new ideas and this looks great.'

Community Cafe in Trostre 24 / 06 / 19

'This has blown my mind. Lets put on a workshop!'

Mind Llanelli 11/ 07 /19

'Powerful and strong visual learning'

Info Day for public Llanelli 12 /07 / 19

'Excellent. Informative. Encouraging'



Heres a video of a talk held in 2022 by Jennifer Foster.

People say..................

Loved your vibrancy, enthusiasm and drive to help humanity. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

It was brilliant. Creative and visual.

You ability to explain the mind, soul and spiritual expressions of the human in a simple and precise way is fantastic.

Everyone needs to see this!

The Show was awesome and I learnt a lot about 'who I am'.

I loved the end part of the Show. Lovely memory.

It was amazing Jennifer! All the lovely ladies said they got so much out of it and look forward to learning more. Thank you so much....

Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

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