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**The EDM Academy offers unique programs because the way the idea of the mind, ‘who you are’, feelings, the spirit and the environment are all PUT TOGETHER and the way we work is SHOWN TO YOU by using the EDM  sculptures, the I C Me Discovery Tower, the I CAN Tower and the EDM Power Tower – 3D jigsaw puzzles showing how people work which you can literally take to pieces and put together again. This is a unique way of teaching about what it is to be human. The EDM Academy is the only place you can learn this knowledge.**


Established in 2018, this Academy shows people how to truly understand themselves and others – in a simple, intuitive and easy way. This knowledge can really aids the curious, young people, creatives, entrepreneurs and potential leaders to move forward and to be able to stay in their ‘flow’. An alternative to mainstream psychology, this Academy seeks to illustrate how people can tune into their real purpose and meaning and shows you exactly why motivation, ‘who you are' and the imagination is so important in our life experience.

Testimonials From Recent Programs

‘I went through some of the videos on anger last night.. and I can't believe how much they have clarified for me. I always understood the fact that music was a necessary release for me, but I hadn't thought of expression as the manifested form of our knowledge. That's incredible. I can see so clearly now the dynamic within the individual, and how it helps the whole.  I'm so glad to have found your work’

Professional analyst (but also a creative......), July 2022

Tweens EDM Program 2022 Class 1

'I loved it! I spent all week looking for my water energy ( feelings and 'who you are') so I didn't have to get too much fire energy (emotional 'mind') and then sometimes I found a FRILLY ! (achievements plus a good feeling)'

11 year old young person

Beginners EDM Program 2022 Class 1

I found this really interesting and enjoyed looking at the case studies and the following discussions about talents and personality  15 year old young person

Beginners EDM Program 2022 Summary

Jennifer knows her subject very well, is very articulate and very passionate about sharing her knowledge; she makes the courses fun and encouraged us to join in with discussions – it just flows!  56 year old lady

EDM Get Sorted Mentoring Program 2020 - Present

What I have found so incredibly empowering about our conversations and the EDM is that it just makes sense and I can work out what to do myself as I can see whats going on. 21 year old young person

Some Testimonials 

'Jennifer has amazing clarity about what it means to be human and what this involves. I can only hope this teaching gets out to more and more people. We need this!'

Dominique Leurant, Artist and teacher Feb 2021


Office Manager, Elite Plumbing Ltd, Wales, March 2021.

My employer suggested I get in contact with a view to expanding my personal development and leadership skills. So, I attended the first part of the EDM Leadership course: I was very surprised hearing the cost of the programme v’s content. This is exceptional value for money and I found the training extremely effective.
I have always been a strong believer in “ you get out what you put in” and it was certainly the case with this training. Before, I would continually question myself (even if I knew I was doing the right thing) so feeling on the outside and working from home for so long exaggerated those feelings. The modules reminded me of “who I actually am and my core values”, to question “have I got the tools around me to be able to achieve, if not how do I obtain them to enable me to perform at my best', and to remind myself of my talents, knowledge and experiences.
This training reminded me of who I am and what I am capable of. It also helped me see and accept you can change the outcome of some situations and some situations you can’t. It sounds too simple to be true but now I have these lightbulb moments and see thing in a clear light that I wouldn't have done normally. Thank you Jen for helping me to realise and appreciate my full potential.

Nathalie Otten, owner 'HappiSkin', Brussels. Feb 2021

The EDM Leadership classes were very effective, life changing even for me. They were just what I needed. Looking back, I can now summarise the process like this: imagine your office, as you enter the door it is one big mess, papers everywhere that you don't even know where or how to start organising things. During the one on one's with Jennifer, and reading the text books over and over again, I found more peace and tranquillity within myself, which meant that I managed to do and see things that I was not able to do before or could not see at all. Now I am by far more organised and efficient in my actions, so much so that I can finally feel and be. I dare to say that my office (mind) is an organised and pleasant place now. This show up in my work, creativity and choices I make in life. I’ve even started to take singing classes and have just started to take piano lessons (which is a long life dream to be able to play). I still experience fear or worrying sometimes but have a very fast view on it and bring mildness to myself and/or the situation. It is much less often now that I find myself reactive to a situation, and instead I find myself being conscious and present. As a former yoga teacher, having had the yoga teachings, I found the EDM Power Tower was very helpful especially as it linked up the connection with our chakra's or energy/consciousness levels. I gradually came to see this more as I was working with Jennifer. So to me, the work with Jennifer is ‘the best life on Earth manual’, realising that all is energy.

Her teaching style was very professional, kind, honest, humanly and effective. I give this teaching a 10/10 and recommend this to others.

Dominique Leurant, artist and teacher, Brussels. Feb 2021

A friend of mine mentioned the work she was doing with an amazing woman called Jennifer, so I decided to enquire and join the Leadership classes. The weekly one to ones were always mind blowing, (so powerful!) The EDM idea gives me a structure where I was lost in space kind of before. I understand now how the past traumas have affected me and taken me away from my ‘real world’, but there is some kind of faith appearing somewhere now in the back ground. I know this will increase by me ‘feeding’ my true self more and more and by allowing myself to express my grief and continuing to practise the EDM ideas. Jennifer has amazing clarity about what it means to be human and how this works. I can only hope this teaching gets out to more and more people. We need this! 

Lisa Cheetham, Entrepreneur, England. Nov 2020

Let me tell you about EDM and why I think you will find value in the Academy. I watched Jennifer Foster for some time before I enquired. The EDM Power Tower was really interesting to me because it linked imagination to key components of the human mindset and it also demonstrated the physical powers we possess and how we act and/or driven by, like shelter, relationships and procreation. What I found in the model was also a lock and key mechanism for perpetrator and victim. It helped me understand why someone became vulnerable to: bullying, physical violence, harassment, sexual violence, theft, addiction and disordered eating. These aspects are in fact really important to understand in the workplace. The model also shows you how to excel being yourself that will drive your natural leadership abilities. The fact that this model supports my innovation research and findings is MY bonus. This model has so much more for you as an individual and as a team. I highly recommend you get in touch with Jennifer to see how it could help you'. 


'The training was for my daughter who said that she found it a positive experience. She has been given the tools so the effectiveness of the training is an ongoing one. Jennifer is very intuitive and instinctively knows how to manage the training to suit the individual. I am completely satisfied because Jennifer is passionate about what she does and cares about the individual in a personal manner. As her mother I felt totally supported by Jennifer and it was a huge relief for me to know that Jennifer was able to connect and communicate effectively with my teenage daughter.' Helen Strickland Nov 2020

'The EDM has really helped my daughter, who regularly suffered from depression, anxiety and dissociation. This model was so easily picked up by her and integrated into her daily life and how she shows up into the world.  She rarely gets any of the symptoms now. On the rare occasions she does, it doesn't last for very long, usually from a few hours to half a day tops, because EDM has given her the tools to understand herself and how she works, then empowering her to experience her feelings and emotions and how to return to balance. It is so wonderful to see my daughter happy and confident again.  Her life has turned around so quickly and for the better. I can't thank you enough Jennifer for this wonderful technique and all that you do. I am recommending you to anyone I feel needs this helping hand. It is such a wonderfully simple but powerful model for people to follow.'Sandy Snelling, Nov 2020

I've done a lot of self-development, spiritual practices and other mind and emotional therapies but I've never experienced anything like the Energy Dynamic Model. It's such a relief to find Jennifer Foster .

She has developed this course over 25 years of observing and working with people of all backgrounds, addictions, problems,  beliefs and experiences with great success.The main thing I'd say is that this is not forced on you and the healing happens purely and organically over time. Once you have the knowledge and understanding, its quite magical. The result is more peace, contentment and a feeling of coming home to yourself. Debbie Miller, April 2020


'Could you run workshops for us looking at building up resilience?' The Manager, MIND Llanelli January 2020


'We would like you to hold workshops here this year!' Educational Manager, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, March 2020

This is a treasure which I am convinced will help humanity get back on their feet. The Energy Dynamic Model lays the groundwork for a new and very accessible way to work with and understand the mind body spirit dynamic. In just a few sessions I discovered things about myself which completes part of a rather complex puzzle.’ David Fergusson, UK October 2018 

‘This really works! Jennifer Foster, founder of the EDM is an amazing new thinker seeing right to the truth of how our energy works’. Oona Fergusson, Author of ‘The Brilliance of Your Feelings’ and worldwide healer / trainer January 2019


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