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**The EDM Academy offers unique programs because the way the idea of the mind, ‘who you are’, feelings, the spirit and the environment are all PUT TOGETHER and the way we work is SHOWN TO YOU by using the EDM  sculptures, the I CAN Tower and the EDM Power Tower – 3D jigsaw puzzles showing how people work which you can literally take to pieces and put together again. This is a unique way of teaching about what it is to be human. The EDM Academy is the only place you can learn this knowledge.**


Established in 2018, this Academy shows people how to truly understand themselves and others – in a simple, intuitive and easy way. This knowledge can really aids the curious, young people, creatives, entrepreneurs and potential leaders to move forward and to be able to stay in their ‘flow’. An alternative to mainstream psychology, this Academy seeks to illustrate how people can tune into their real purpose and meaning and shows you exactly why motivation, ‘who you are' and the imagination is so important in our life experience.

Based on 25 years of research and over 2,000 case studies of people, six online courses have been created as the resources for the programs, which studied alongside the workshops, together form a fully comprehensive personal leadership course – unlike any other you may have found. Students experience a real deep dive into the mysterious and magical aspects of our inner selves and will be astounded to see how simple it is to learn how to analyse previously complicated ideas about human nature.

Online courses are available all year around. Just click on the link at the top of the page, and you will be able to take the first step into a new life experience.

Access to the EDM Academy is £15 a year and this gives you access to 6 online courses which will explain to you ALL aspects of being a human in this modern world.




EDM Academy Events 2023


We are taking to the streets and will be at the following events in the UK this year:


Come along and have a demo of what the I Can Tower and EDM Power Towers can do for you, have a look at the books and chat to Jennifer and Neo to find out more. More dates and venues will be added soon. We can travel if you would like us to come to an event near you ( including festivals)

Aylesbury Wellbeing Show 1 October

Thame Psychic Fair 3 December

Witney Craft Fair 16 December

Testimonials From Recent Programs

‘I went through some of the videos on anger last night.. and I can't believe how much they have clarified for me. I always understood the fact that music was a necessary release for me, but I hadn't thought of expression as the manifested form of our knowledge. That's incredible. I can see so clearly now the dynamic within the individual, and how it helps the whole.  I'm so glad to have found your work’

Professional analyst (but also a creative......), July 2022

Tweens EDM Program 2022 Class 1

'I loved it! I spent all week looking for my water energy ( feelings and 'who you are') so I didn't have to get too much fire energy (emotional 'mind') and then sometimes I found a FRILLY ! (achievements plus a good feeling)'

11 year old young person

Beginners EDM Program 2022 Class 1

I found this really interesting and enjoyed looking at the case studies and the following discussions about talents and personality  15 year old young person

Beginners EDM Program 2022 Summary

Jennifer knows her subject very well, is very articulate and very passionate about sharing her knowledge; she makes the courses fun and encouraged us to join in with discussions – it just flows!  56 year old lady

EDM Get Sorted Mentoring Program 2020 - Present

What I have found so incredibly empowering about our conversations and the EDM is that it just makes sense and I can work out what to do myself as I can see whats going on. 21 year old young person

One to One Consultations

One off  consultations looking at your energetic state of being, your mind and your 'real world'

Please book a call by visiting the home page.

Past Work and Experiences

Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

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