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The Complete Works Of The Energy Dynamic Model

1975 - 2024.

This volume contains all four EDM books, and examines how the modern zeitgeist affects us as human beings.

They examine:

Is our focus on money and success wise given we are human beings?

Does this focus give an accurate measurement of contentment?

If not, what are we focussing on that for?

How can we become aware of this and so start to thrive as individuals?

What is the best way to begin to create a better world?

The volume contains:


  • Case studies illustrating how this model developed and what the ideas are based on.

  • The four patterns that were observed and explain all human interaction.

  • Resources that can help people understand themselves

  • Why we as people need to realise that we are the art form ourselves and our daily life is our art work. We, as individuals, are creating the society we live in by our actions, and must realise that just by a few of us understanding this information and acting on it, will be a powerful mechanism for positive change.


  • Undertaken by researcher, Evie Jacob BA, data gathered up by using the EDM Tower in controlled situations shows how useful this resource can be to help people explain and understand how they are operating at the moment and how they can change this so they start to feel and become more human again.


  • Easy, simple, fun and friendly, this guide shows you how to focus in an optimal way which will mean that you will be able to succeed in the  modern world and thrive at the same time. But most importantly, if many people start to at least even be aware of this, then the system itself will start to move around these people, making day to day life more human friendly and ethical for all.

PHILOSOPHY (' The Answer To Everything' - a one act play)

  • For the more academic and creative this examines the fundamental laws that govern how we work in modern society. Exploring the idea of human energy, this play dives deeply into how society has manipulated people into operating in a manner that does not serve their best interests or humanity at large. 


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