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Lovely to meet you here :)

The EDM Academy can teach you how to understand yourself in a really simple and practical way.

And once you know this truth, everything changes.


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Online Courses

As we move through life having experiences we collect up energy and information. If this is a challenging time, we may store this energy and information as it is too much for us to deal with at the moment. But this does effect our perception (mind set) because the mind thinks this challenging time is still happening as we have stored the experience inside us.....


What to do about this? How do we clear our mind from having a skewed view in our present moment? Boost up our energy levels? Become more conscious of our life purpose, mission and true path?


We need to allow ourselves to process and absorb the energy and information that has been stored.

This is achieved by building up enough good feelings so this can occur. How this is achieved is the subject of the EDM online courses.

If we just process the information, (talking 
therapies, journaling )we still carry the energy so are still in an energetic state of grief.

If we just process the energy (healing, tapping, acupuncture ) we do not absorb the information so will not learn from the experience.

And if we by pass or try and tame/ control your response to similar situations that bring up emotions to do with the past ( NLP, CBT ) we are playing round with your mindset and in a way, twisting your perception around so removing yourself from your true, authentic feelings and who you are.

So feel better and jump onto the  6 online courses all about 'who you are', emotions, feelings, the mind, your imagination, consciousness and your environment.




Based on 25 years of research, this idea looks at all aspects of yourself; your 'who you are', feelings, emotions, the mind, the environment and the imagination. By using sculptures to 'see' how these parts of you fit together and create your experience of life, suddenly people can understand exactly what is going on within and around themselves....


Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

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