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Lovely to meet you here :)

The EDM Academy can teach you how to understand yourself in a really simple and practical way.

And once you know this truth, everything changes.

'Jennifer's work is insightful, cuts to the chase about what your strengths and weaknesses are as an individual. Her model is a boon to understanding social dynamics in nearly every setting whether that be in business, education community groups, churches or working with young people. Jennifer is a visionary and can grasp exactly what is needed in a variety of situations, be it for individuals, couples, families, schools, small and large businesses. I thoroughly recommend working with her. It will help you understand yourself and the people you are working with and then help you achieve goals that you didn't even realise you could aim for'.

Sujoya Bullock, Teacher 2024


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What is this all about?




What does it mean to be human today? What can we do?



Based on 25 years of research, this idea looks at all aspects of yourself; your 'who you are', feelings, emotions, the mind, the environment and the imagination. By using sculptures to 'see' how these parts of you fit together and create your experience of life, suddenly people can understand exactly what is going on within and around themselves....


Energy Dynamic Model Academy ®

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